Meaning of MECHANICAL in English


adj.1 of or relating to machines or mechanisms.

2 working or produced by machinery.

3 (of a person or action) like a machine; automatic; lacking originality.

4 a (of an agency, principle, etc.) belonging to mechanics. b (of a theory etc.) explaining phenomena by the assumption of mechanical action.

5 of or relating to mechanics as a science.

Phrases and idioms:

mechanical advantage the ratio of exerted to applied force in a machine. mechanical drawing a scale drawing of machinery etc. done with precision instruments. mechanical engineer a person skilled in the branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and repair of machines. mechanical equivalent of heat the conversion factor between heat energy and mechanical energy.


mechanicalism n. (in sense 4). mechanically adv. mechanicalness n.

Etymology: ME f. L mechanicus (as MECHANIC)

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