Meaning of OPERATION in English


n.1 a the action or process or method of working or operating. b the state of being active or functioning (not yet in operation). c the scope or range of effectiveness of a thing's activity.

2 an active process; a discharge of a function (the operation of breathing).

3 a piece of work, esp. one in a series (often in pl.: begin operations).

4 an act of surgery performed on a patient.

5 a a strategic movement of troops, ships, etc. for military action. b preceding a code-name (Operation Overlord).

6 a financial transaction.

7 Math. the subjection of a number or quantity or function to a process affecting its value or form, e.g. multiplication, differentiation.

Phrases and idioms:

operations research operational research.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L operatio -onis (as OPERATE)

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