Meaning of PRINT in English


n. & v.


1. an indentation or mark on a surface left by the pressure of a thing in contact with it (fingerprint; footprint).

2 a printed lettering or writing (large print). b words in printed form. c a printed publication, esp. a newspaper. d the quantity of a book etc. printed at one time. e the state of being printed.

3 a picture or design printed from a block or plate.

4 Photog. a picture produced on paper from a negative.

5 a printed cotton fabric.

1. a produce or reproduce (a book, picture, etc.) by applying inked types, blocks, or plates, to paper, vellum, etc. b (of an author, publisher, or editor) cause (a book or manuscript etc.) to be produced or reproduced in this way.

2 express or publish in print.

3 a (often foll. by on, in) impress or stamp (a mark or figure on a surface). b (often foll. by with) impress or stamp (a soft surface, e.g. of butter or wax, with a seal, die, etc.).

4 (often absol.) write (words or letters) without joining, in imitation of typography.

5 (often foll. by off, out) Photog. produce (a picture) by the transmission of light through a negative.

6 (usu. foll. by out) (of a computer etc.) produce output in printed form.

7 mark (a textile fabric) with a decorative design in colours.

8 (foll. by on) impress (an idea, scene, etc. on the mind or memory).

9 transfer (a coloured or plain design) from paper etc. to the unglazed or glazed surface of ceramic ware.

Phrases and idioms:

appear in print have one's work published. in print

1. (of a book etc.) available from the publisher.

2 in printed form. out of print no longer available from the publisher. printed circuit an electric circuit with thin strips of conductor on a flat insulating sheet, usu. made by a process like printing.


printable adj. printability n. printless adj. (in sense 1 of n.).

Etymology: ME f. OF priente, preinte, fem. past part. of preindre press f. L premere

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