Meaning of SEAT in English


n. & v.


1. a thing made or used for sitting on; a chair, stool, saddle, etc.

2 the buttocks.

3 the part of the trousers etc. covering the buttocks.

4 the part of a chair etc. on which the sitter's weight directly rests.

5 a place for one person in a theatre, vehicle, etc.

6 the occupation of a seat.

7 esp. Brit. a the right to occupy a seat, esp. as a Member of the House of Commons. b a member's constituency.

8 the part of a machine that supports or guides another part.

9 a site or location of something specified (a seat of learning; the seat of the emotions).

10 a country mansion, esp. with large grounds.

11 the manner of sitting on a horse etc.

1. cause to sit.

2 a provide sitting accommodation for (the cinema seats 500). b provide with seats.

3 (as seated adj.) sitting.

4 put or fit in position.

Phrases and idioms:

be seated sit down. by the seat of one's pants colloq. by instinct rather than logic or knowledge. seat-belt a belt securing a person in the seat of a car or aircraft. take a (or one's) seat sit down.


seatless adj.

Etymology: ME f. ON s{aelig}ti ( OE gesete f. Gmc)

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