Meaning of SEAT in English


I. ˈsēt, usu -ēd.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English sete, from Old Norse sæti, from the stem of sitja to sit — more at sit


a. : a special chair (as a throne) of one in eminence ; also : the status of which such chair is an emblem

b. : something (as a chair, stool, bench) intended to be sat in or on

c. : the particular part of something on which one rests in sitting

the seat of a chair

a worn trouser seat

also : the part of the body that bears the weight in sitting : the gluteal region : buttocks

d. : form 6a


a. : the place on or at which one sits or which is available for sitting

rented a block of seats for the season

a seat by the fire

especially : an assigned or regularly assumed sitting place

had a seat on the aisle

father's seat at table

b. : a right of sitting (as in a deliberative body)

held a seat in congress for over 20 years

c. : membership on an exchange

3. : a place occupied by something : a resting place : abode

starry seats of bliss


a. : the see of a bishop

b. : a place (as a city) from which authority is exercised : capital

c. : a bodily part in which some function or condition is centered

the seat of the pain

the intestine is the chief seat of digestion

d. : the status of an area in respect to factors (as climate) that determine its desirability for a purpose (as habitation)

a home with a charming seat among gentle wooded slopes

e. : a place where something specified is prevalent : center

the seat of shoe manufacture in New England

a seat of learning

has long been a seat of war

f. : a superior rural residence : countryseat

g. obsolete : location in space or on the earth's surface : geographic location

4. Scotland : court of session

5. : posture in or way of sitting (as on horseback)

a rider with excellent seat and hands


a. obsolete : a place prepared for the erection of something (as a building)

b. : the part at or forming the base of something

the seat of a pillar

c. : a part or surface on which another part or surface rests : seating

a rubber-cushioned engine seat

formed a new seat for the valve

d. : floor 8

e. : the part of a shoe sole to which the heel is secured

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb


a. : to establish or install in a seat of special dignity or office

the queen was seated the same year


(1) : to cause to sit : assist in sitting down : find a seat for

seated the guests at small tables

(2) : to provide seats or seating for

a theater seating 1000 persons

also : to provide with seats

seat a church

c. : to sit (oneself) down

seat yourself by the window and watch the rain

d. : to put (as oneself) in a sitting position


a. : to establish in a place of residence : settle

b. archaic : to provide (as a country) with inhabitants

3. : to repair the seat of : provide a new seat for

seated the chairs with strong cane

4. : to adjust on or in relation to a seat : fit to or with a seat

seat a valve

intransitive verb

1. archaic : to take one's seat or place

2. : to fit correctly on a seat

the lid must seat accurately

this valve does not seat well

III. noun

: a precise or accurate contact between parts or surfaces

- by the seat of one's pants

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