Meaning of SHOP in English


n. & v.


1. a building, room, etc., for the retail sale of goods or services (chemist's shop; betting-shop).

2 a place in which manufacture or repairing is done; a workshop (engineering-shop).

3 a profession, trade, business, etc., esp. as a subject of conversation (talk shop).

4 colloq. an institution, establishment, place of business, etc.

--v. (shopped, shopping)

1. intr. a go to a shop or shops to buy goods. b US window-shop.

2 tr. esp. Brit. sl. inform against (a criminal etc.).

Phrases and idioms:

all over the shop colloq.

1. in disorder (scattered all over the shop).

2 in every place (looked for it all over the shop).

3 wildly (hitting out all over the shop). set up shop establish oneself in business etc. shop around look for the best bargain. shop assistant Brit. a person who serves customers in a shop. shop-boy (or -girl) an assistant in a shop. shop-floor workers in a factory etc. as distinct from management.


1. (of an article) soiled or faded by display in a shop.

2 (of a person, idea, etc.) grubby; tarnished; no longer fresh or new. shop steward a person elected by workers in a factory etc. to represent them in dealings with management.


1. a display window in a shop.

2 an opportunity for displaying skills, talents, etc. shop-worn shop-soiled.


shopless adj. shoppy adj.

Etymology: ME f. AF & OF eschoppe booth f. MLG schoppe, OHG scopf porch

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