Meaning of SKEW in English


adj., n., & v.


1. oblique, slanting, set askew.

2 Math. a lying in three dimensions (skew curve). b (of lines) not coplanar. c (of a statistical distribution) not symmetrical.


1. a slant.

2 Statistics skewness.


1. tr. make skew.

2 tr. distort.

3 intr. move obliquely.

4 intr. twist.

Phrases and idioms:

on the skew askew. skew arch (or bridge) an arch (or bridge) with the line of the arch not at right angles to the abutment. skew chisel a chisel with an oblique edge. skew-eyed Brit. squinting. skew gear a gear consisting of two cog-wheels having non-parallel, non-intersecting axes. skew-whiff Brit. colloq. askew.


skewness n.

Etymology: ONF eskiu(w)er (v.) OF eschuer: see ESCHEW

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