Meaning of SLOW in English


adj., adv., & v.


1. a taking a relatively long time to do a thing or cover a distance (also foll. by of: slow of speech). b not quick; acting or moving or done without speed.

2 gradual; obtained over a length of time (slow growth).

3 not producing, allowing, or conducive to speed (in the slow lane).

4 (of a clock etc.) showing a time earlier than is the case.

5 (of a person) not understanding readily; not learning easily.

6 dull; uninteresting; tedious.

7 slack or sluggish (business is slow).

8 (of a fire or oven) giving little heat.

9 Photog. a (of a film) needing long exposure. b (of a lens) having a small aperture.

10 a reluctant; tardy (not slow to defend himself). b not hasty or easily moved (slow to take offence).

11 (of a cricket-pitch, tennis-court, putting-green, etc.) on which the ball bounces or runs slowly.


1. at a slow pace; slowly.

2 (in comb.) (slow-moving traffic).

--v. (usu. foll. by down, up)

1. intr. & tr. reduce one's speed or the speed of (a vehicle etc.).

2 intr. reduce one's pace of life; live or work less intensely.

Phrases and idioms:

slow and sure of the attitude that haste is risky. slow but sure achieving the required result eventually. slow-down the action of slowing down; a go-slow. slow handclap slow clapping by an audience as a sign of displeasure or boredom. slow loris see LORIS. slow march the marching time adopted by troops in a funeral procession etc. slow-match a slow-burning match for lighting explosives etc. slow motion 1 the operation or speed of a film using slower projection or more rapid exposure so that actions etc. appear much slower than usual.

2 the simulation of this in real action. slow neutron a neutron with low kinetic energy esp. after moderation (cf. fast neutron (see FAST(1))). slow poison a poison eventually causing death by repeated doses. slow puncture a puncture causing only slow deflation of the tyre. slow reactor Physics a nuclear reactor using mainly slow neutrons (cf. fast reactor (see FAST(1))). slow virus a progressive disease caused by a virus or virus-like organism that multiplies slowly in the host organism and has a long incubation period, such as scrapie or BSE.


slowish adj. slowly adv. slowness n.

Etymology: OE slaw f. Gmc

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