Meaning of WINDOW in English

n.1 a an opening in a wall, roof, or vehicle etc., usu. with glass in fixed, sliding, or hinged frames, to admit light or air etc. and allow the occupants to see out. b the glass filling this opening (have broken the window).

2 a space for display behind the front window of a shop.

3 an aperture in a wall etc. through which customers are served in a bank, ticket office, etc.

4 an opportunity to observe or learn.

5 an opening or transparent part in an envelope to show an address.

6 a part of a VDU display selected to show a particular category or part of the data.

7 a an interval during which atmospheric and astronomical circumstances are suitable for the launch of a spacecraft. b any interval or opportunity for action.

8 strips of metal foil dispersed in the air to obstruct radar detection.

9 a range of electromagnetic wavelengths for which a medium is transparent.

Phrases and idioms:

out of the window colloq. no longer taken into account. window-box a box placed on an outside window-sill for growing flowers. window-cleaner a person who is employed to clean windows. window-dressing

1. the art of arranging a display in a shop-window etc.

2 an adroit presentation of facts etc. to give a deceptively favourable impression. window-ledge window-sill. window-pane a pane of glass in a window.


1. a seat below a window, esp. in a bay or alcove.

2 a seat next to a window in an aircraft, train, etc. window-shop (-shopped, -shopping) look at goods displayed in shop-windows, usu. without buying anything. window-shopper a person who window-shops. window-sill a sill below a window. window tax Brit. hist. a tax on windows or similar openings (abolished in 1851).


windowed adj. (also in comb.). windowless adj.

Etymology: ME f. ON vindauga (as WIND(1), EYE)

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