Meaning of WINDOW in English



a glass window/door

The doors had two round glass windows in them.

a window display (= in the window of a shop )

I stopped to look at something in the window display.

a window of opportunity (= a time when you can do something )

The other team started making mistakes, but we didn't take advantage of this window of opportunity.

a window/aisle seat (= one next to the window or the space between seats, for example in a plane )

I'd prefer a window seat, please.

bay window

bow window

door/window/picture frame

French windows

lattice window

picture window

rose window

sash window

storm window

the bedroom door/window etc

Did you shut the bedroom window?

window box

window cleaner

window dresser

window dressing

All these glossy pamphlets are just window dressing – the fact is that the new mall will ruin the neighborhood.

window ledge (= narrow shelf below the window )

There’s some money on the window ledge .

window seat

window shade




A gilt harp sits in the bay window of the sitting room.

It is a converted living room of a Victorian with bay windows .

She came round the side of the house and looked in at the bay window .

Brownstones, balustrades, bay windows , wrought-iron.

They had a drink before dinner sitting in a bay window , watching dusk creep up on Dunkery Beacon.

It overlooked an alley, and the bay windows were sun-blocked by the townhouse at 93.

The stonework around the bay windows was crumbling and the upper front bay had developed a distinct list.

The little girls retreated to the padded bench in the bay window .


Vaughan occupied a smaller studio-bedroom, which also had french windows , on the lower ground floor.

Resolved not to waste further time on account of this childish affair, I contemplated departure via the french windows .

When she emerged, the wall-lights had been dimmed and the polished table by the french windows had been set for two.

She looked through the french windows .

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Peach slid through the french windows from the terrace.

David pushed open one of the french windows and they found themselves in the library.

Over Elliott's shoulder, Culley could see Goldman wrenching at the handle on the french windows .

A plainclothes man was examining the french windows .


The space station filled the front windows .

Across the room, facing the front windows , was a large railway stove with a metal footrest in front of it.

Through the front window lay a sprawl of hills, but the window above my bed butted the neighbour's garage.

The front window was at street level.

I was strong enough next morning to go and look out of the front window .

So I shall have to slip into my flat by the front window .

His deviousness and dishonesty were in the front window for all to see.


Edouard examined the jewellery carefully, standing in the north light of the atelier's large window .

All staterooms are outside with large picture windows and private bathroom facilities.

Slater stood outside the gallery, in front of one of its large windows .

It got a new chassis, smoother styling, larger windows and a reworked interior.

The nave and choir can have no triforium or clerestory so must be lit by exceptionally large aisle windows .

The façade is richly decorated with a central sculptured portal and large window above.

It was lit by a large sash window having sixteen panes.

Most bedrooms boast a large arched window , and past renovations have left a blended style of marble and iron.


Claire sits in the open window of John's kitchen, a cup of jasmine tea warming her hands.

Inside, close enough to an open window to hear the crow, Wyatt was packing.

The hours passed, daylight faded, and the sounds of a warm September evening came in through the open window .

Topside, the snow softened the air and a cold wind spits flakes through an open window on the bridge.

It was irregularly paved, and lit only by an open window a few storeys above.

Birdsong drifted through the open window and a breeze puffed out the curtains.

Birds twitter outside the open window as the nuns scrutinise each graph and diligently take notes.

I think it was an hour, I closed my eyes and dreamed of young men singing songs from open windows .


Two quite small triangular windows were provided that angled back into the cabin.

There was a small window on either side of the cabin.

He looked through the small windows , then motioned for Forster to join him.

With newer computers, the program appears in a small window in the center of the screen.

Dusky light came from the two small front windows between the toothed leaves of nettles.

The Bruins pulled even on their power play despite a small window to work with.

The building was sideways on to me, the light coming from a small semi-circular window near the top of the wall.

That wall has small windows near the ceiling.



We used to have a family of martins nesting directly over our front porch, just under my bedroom window .

Scherr had run to the upstairs bedroom window .

Across the street one of his neighbours was leaning out of a bedroom window , calling for her cat.

Through the bedroom window , Converse could see Mr Roche hosing down the lawn behind his bungalow.

Clara's first glance of Candida Denham was through Clelia's high bedroom window .

Bill stands by the bedroom window .

Morning sun filtered through swaying branches at the bedroom window .

Mrs Davison was injured when she jumped from a bedroom window and still has to use a crutch.


He often writes home about his window boxes .

There, perched on the window box with her nose glued to the other side of the glass, was Violet.

If you don't have one, get a window box or hanging basket.

What if Saddle River, New Jersey, has a lot of window boxes ?

Most gardeners will want to grow them in hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs.

Balconies and window boxes along canyon walls maintained refugia of plants and animals hundreds of miles from their core distributions.

Worth considering are species producing six or more flowers per bulb - Tete A Tete is ideal for window boxes .

Plants stood in tubs and window boxes , in terra-cotta pots on the steps.


She looked away from him, out of the car window , seeing nothing.

He was staring out the car window .

Two of them blocked her exit from the car park while the third smashed the car window to grab her handbag.

Even with the car windows left open a crack, the temperature inside can reach 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes.

Cantor gazed out the car window , brows knitted.

It teems with saleswomen who run beside the traffic sticking various baked goods through car windows .


The plaintiff window cleaner was instructed by his employers in the sill method of cleaning windows.

It may only be coincidence that the window cleaners were around last weekend when this incident occurred.

Window problem: The huge expanse of windows on Darlington's new Cornmill Centre has presented window cleaners with a headache.

Defective windows were a risk which window cleaners should guard against.

The hearing was told that Mr Gannon, a self-employed window cleaner , died of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.


It was a glitzy split-level shopping centre with brightly lit window displays of expensive fashions.

But it was a good window display .

This shop was still open, but Boy stayed outside, looking at the window display .

Inset A window display advertising Cook's many services.

Their village post office has helped by providing them with a window display of Wild Thing models.

Window dressing isn't visual deceit if the window display accurately represents what the school is about.

The talk of promotion schemes and window displays was hard to listen to.

She could almost be happy when she was serving customers or, better still, changing the window display .


It rattled the window frames as Nellie and her daughter sat talking.

The window frames rattled in the wind.

The long, low church is decorated by paintings all over the exterior and interior walls, openings and window frames .

When Joe inquired about these details, the duke said that gilded window frames were economical because they required no repainting.

The prisoners were actually making complete items of furniture, doors, window frames , pottery and jewellery.

He held on to the window frame with one hand while he scraped paint with the other.

The window frames rattled violently and glass cracked with the sound of a pistol shot.

He put an ordinary fan in a window frame and somehow conducted cool water through coils in front of the whirring blades.


Maxwell spent £350,000 on the house, installing a stained glass window and glitzy Fifties Neptune statue in the hall.

On Halloween, children come and paint the plate glass window .

They lift their eyes to the darkened stained-\#glass windows and begin to sing.

Sunlight streamed into the church and through the stained glass windows , and a smell of grass and flowers permeated the air.

Tired but unable to sleep, I looked out the huge glass windows at streetlights and thought about home.

There was a row of frosted glass windows down one side, each fitted with an electric fan.

The original stained glass window was destroyed by vandals in the 1960s and replaced by a plain glass one.


I can see him from the kitchen window you see.

At least seven shots were fired into the apartment through a kitchen window .

They saw her plainly from the kitchen window when they ran to watch.

He sat for a long time, staring up at the Klubocks' kitchen window .

She glanced out of the kitchen window .

Nick tossed three bags of gold through the kitchen window , and the three daughters married soon after.

Outside the open kitchen window , the wind groped over the twilit fields.


Bernadette Pollock, 32, climbed a drainpipe on to a window ledge after losing her keys.

Maybe it was already fated that I should fall from a window ledge .

Jump along the window ledge , dropping down to spray the bin, now jump the three aliens.

He indicated a gadget upon the window ledge .

Spray it and then use the wrench on it, jump on to the window ledge then on to the door.

He turned and saw that the window ledge was about three feet above him.

He placed it carefully on the window ledge behind the curtain.

Then leap on to the window ledge of Toys N Stuff, then the door and spray the plant pot.


Now, at the Mirage, Ali stands and walks stiffly towards the picture windows overlooking Las Vegas.

Some one looking through the picture window spotted Lois before she got more than half way up the front walk.

The picture windows shattered, and the bar cracked apart where the bullets went in.

Although it is July, the house has a Christmas wreath hung in its picture window .

Next door, where Ed Preston lived, somebody is watching me from the picture window .

All staterooms are outside with large picture windows and private bathroom facilities.

He was standing in the dark, in front of a picture window , fireworks exploding silently behind him.

He fixed the bedroom and picture windows , glazing the edges of the glass with care.


It was lit by a large sash window having sixteen panes.

Blanche forced the screwdriver up into the crevice between the two halves of the sash window and heaved.

Now the sun was creeping back into their lives through the sash windows .

Long dark blue silk curtains hung at the elegant sash window overlooking the creek.

The large sash windows open up to embrace the beautiful surrounding countryside.

I wanted a tin of suitable outdoor paint to coat two new sash windows I'd had fitted.

Fine-slatted Venetian blinds show off the tall sash windows , which are too elegant to be obscured by curtains.

One straight forward solution for sash windows is to allow minimum fullness in the curtains themselves and tie them back tightly during daytime.


He paused by the window seat , a replica of one he had noticed at the other end of the gallery.

They supply fresh insights, infuse you with energy and give up the window seat without complaint.

Breathlessly she flung herself down on the window seat .

Opposite the princess, in the other window seat on this side, was the movie star Lulu Bell.

Paul offers Bill the window seat .

Clarisa passed him over to me at the window seat so she could pull out a change of clothes.

Cara sat on a deep window seat , Laura beside her.

Marge sat down on the window seat , and tucked her hair into the bandanna.


The shop windows , the synagogues, the cleaning of the streets.

That evening, he and Dooley walked Barnabas to the monument and looked in all the shop windows .

When she first saw these combs in the shop window , she wanted them.

She turned to face the shop window .

Alison Edwards suffered three deep cuts in her face when she accidentally fell through a shop window .

Glance at myself in a shop window: no.

The violence apparently escalated as white and black youths turned over a bus and began smashing shop windows .

One or two of the shop windows nearby were lacking glass, while others had a white star painted on them.



One tankard hit the ceiling, another broke a window .

He had to break a window in the basement to get in.

Those broken windows were miraculously replaced in sunny May in anticipation of a visit from the first lady of the country.

I broke a window at the new police station in Reading.

Rather than betray the others, Stockdale broke a window and slashed his wrists with a jagged shard of glass.

They broke through the upper windows and tumbled down in the middle of us.

About eighty were injured, and most of the property damage was limited to broken windows and overturned cars.


The women even cleaned their windows .

But cleaning your windows is not the uncomplicated, value-neutral endeavor you thought it was.

After she had polished the furniture, she cleaned the windows .

Before she cleaned the windows , she polished the furniture.

As it happens, the most convincing way of pretending to clean a window is to actually do so.

And Dad had cleaned the kitchen windows .

Amy - or some one - had cleaned the little windows , all six of them.

Don't get carried away, though and vacuum the sitting room and clean the windows in your break!


She would have closed the window , except that then Anna would probably be unable to sleep for the heat.

Billy closed the window and hid the sticky spoon.

Here, be a sport, could you close that window ?

The warmth inside made them lively, and they started bouncing against the closed windows .

Some one could follow you home after overhearing your conversation. Close all windows and lock them when you go out.

Faintly, through the closed window , I could hear the barking of Angus.

Why didn't you just say no and close the window ?

I close the window again with a smug smile on my face, and wait for the next battalion of eager buzzers.


Dean shrugged his shoulders and we both gazed out of the window .

Stretching out on his back, he gazed through the barred window at a faint strip of sky.

I gaze absently out of the window , wondering.

That Casey rocks, he hums, he gazes out the window .

Ricky gazed out of the window at stars as sleepless as himself.

Toni thought, gazing out the water-smeared windows .

He is also replacing his receiver and turning to gaze thoughtfully out of the window .

Cantor gazed out the car window , brows knitted.


I turned to look through the windows .

Ezra said, looking out the window , hardly able to see the water behind his own reflection.

Reynolds looked out of the window across the campus.

The President looked out the window at the scudding clouds, put on the overcoat, then took it off.

By coincidence, Mr Connolly was looking out of his window four weeks later and spotted Watson preparing to attack another pensioner.

Paul D looked through the window above his feet and folded his hands behind his head.

He looked through the small windows , then motioned for Forster to join him.

I look in the windows of the Topaz from New Hampshire.


As ever, Erika peered through her window for a moment or two.

They climbed up on a ledge and peered in a window .

Frédéric peers in at a window .

She plops down on the empty cot and lifts a curtain to peer out the window .

She climbed stairs and peered through wide windows at the canyon and the forested land that stretched away to south and west.

Shoppers peered into gallery windows and children basked in the afternoon sun, licking ice cream cones.

At the kerb the taxi's diesel engine idled noisily as a passenger's face peered uncertainly through the window .

There, onlookers peer in through the windows , looking at the strange mess inside.


The black-out curtains which were rolled neatly above the windows stood out starkly against the light green walls and wooden skirting boards.

John and Tom rolled the windows up.

The sound of water, when Ward rolled down his window , was a solid roar that overlaid everything.

This chest was thereafter kept in the choir and was rolled to the window and opened upon request.

I stripped off his underpants, rolled down the window and held him in the air.

A pickup came down the road and they rolled up their windows to keep the dust out.

I got into the car and tried to roll the window up.

They waited for the dust to settle, then rolled down the windows .


Philip shut the window and took the camouflage jacket his Mum had been going to throw out.

He shut the window , a sudden pain shooting up his back.

He stood up from his chair, paced around, shut the window .

They kept quiet while the caretaker came to shut the windows in the evening.

I have to shut the windows .

His blackness shut off the blue window , the blessing hands of the Virgin.

Julia would not shut the window but sweated and shivered by turns.


Hugh sat in at the window .

Marge sat facing the window , listening to the wind until it faded into a greater stillness.

And the princess herself sat up at the window of the tower, watching.

We sat by a plate-glass window which separated us from the life of the street.

Bob put down his papers at last, and sat looking towards the window .

I sat down by the window and tried to unwind.

Cara sat on a deep window seat, Laura beside her.

In the next room Dinah sits at her window praying.


Two of them blocked her exit from the car park while the third smashed the car window to grab her handbag.

Able to smash vestibule windows with a single brick.

The violence apparently escalated as white and black youths turned over a bus and began smashing shop windows .

They broke in, smashing windows and doors and draping a flag out a second-floor window.

Several months later she was arrested for climbing the scaffolding and smashing a window at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Thousands of blacks swarmed into the streets, attacking policemen, pulling fire alarms, smashing windows , and looting stores.

The man went berserk, smashed a side window and climbed on to the roof of the moving vehicle, police said.

Two men in the car ahead of him simply walked back, smashed the car window , tried to pull him out.


He went and stood by the window .

He stands outside the window looking in at shoppers in the bright warm light of the store.

Chapter Ten At ten-thirty next morning Captain Maestrangelo stood at the window in his office looking down intently at the street.

I am fourteen years old, standing behind the window of the bakery where I work to earn my spending money.

But in that hour I stood by the window , it began in me.

She stood by the window , and looked out at a grey cat on a grey wall in the grey road.

When he came into the room, she was standing by the window with Mrs Dodge.


In the end, she got very bored with staring out of the window at all the greenery outside.

At four, he awoke exhausted, and lay staring at his moonlit window until dawn.

I noticed her hanging around the bar, staring through its window , while I ate my fish and potatoes.

She sat with her hand at the side of her head as she stared out of the window .

Maggie stared out of the nearest window , but all she could see was.

She had kept her neck painfully turned and strained to stare out the window at the street scenes.

She stood trembling, staring at the blank window , feeling smaller than a baby.

One day she stands, through our entire class, staring out our second-floor window .


We have thrown windows wide to let it in.

He threw it out the window .

The first ring was thrown out of a window after a row.

She looked up and saw that Hicks had thrown Eddie against the window .

Both of them were wary, but at least Hayley didn't throw herself out of the window .

I want to rip them up, stamp on them, throw them out the window .

At his command all four took off their masks and tracksuit tops and threw them through the windows on to the garage floor.


She turned to the window , a deliberate shutting out, praying he would go now that he'd had his say.

It is iron I enjoy, not gold, he says, as he turns from the window .

Nessie went to sit by her son and Nellie turned again to the window .

I turned toward the window and pushed it wide open.

He turned away from the window abruptly, pulling himself together.

At intervals lights were being turned on in store windows .

It was when she turned away from the window that she saw it.

He had just turned from the window , intent on leaving, when the woman walked back into the room.


One morning not long ago he saw a fox walking past this same window .

I got up and walked over to the window .

He walked across to the window , and producing a knife ran it round the paper sealing strip, then opened it.

I walk over to the window and comment on the flowers.

He walked to the window and gazed down through the net curtains.

He got out of bed and walked to the window .

He walked past a shop window , + peeped in, to see what was there because he liked shops.

The young man could watch Theresa walk past a window .


I went to the window to watch , obscurely thinking something was wrong.

He sat at a table right by the window so he could watch his Baby.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, she stood at the window watching the rain.

He was standing over by the windows watching hummingbird in the shrimp plant.

A group of women prisoners were leaning out of the second-floor window , watching the visitors approach the building.

Then I watched him from the window .

Out of her window she watched the wind whisking fallen leaves along the gutter into pavement-high stacks of yellow and brown.

He went to the window and watched the cars, beat-up minis and dusty sedans, entering and leaving the compound.


force a door/lock/window

He'd forced a window to get into the ground floor maisonette in the Belmont area of Hereford.

House raid: Intruders forced a window at the front of a house in Ripon.

The forced door especially terrified me.

The burglars are believed to have forced a window.

frosted glass/window etc

One of the tables, set behind an opaque frosted glass screen, is semi-private.

The Controller's acknowledging smile was as brittle as frosted glass.

The front door was open, revealing a stone-flagged porch, and an inner door with frosted glass in the top half.

The headmaster appeared at the frosted glass of the door.

The lack of a lock on the one and only toilet was compensated for by the frosted glass panels in the door.

The taps rattled the frosted glass again.

There was a row of frosted glass windows down one side, each fitted with an electric fan.

lancet window/arch

At the west end is a beautiful pointed window, and at the east end three lancet windows.

He whiled away the time by contemplating the stained glass lancet windows behind the preacher and the holy table.

Plasteel mullions divided the narrow, high lancet windows of stained armour-glass.

The courtyard was overlooked by the lancet windows of the manorial home itself, and a large chapel.

The fact that this contains three lancet windows shows that this was once a building.

There was a patch of light from the lancet window making a pattern on the floor of the chapel.

louvre window/door

pop-up menu/window

For that reason, he rejected pop-up windows.

One pleasing exception is the new pop-up menu feature.

roll a window down

roll a window up


Could you open a window ?

Early in the history of the planet, the climate conditions opened a window of opportunity that allowed life to form.


A faint blue glow was shining from the observation windows and glimmering inside the open airlock.

Cold air seeped in through the shattered window with a moan.

He greets an old woman as she peers through the window of Patel's newsagent shop.

I caught it, held it in my fingers and put it out of the window .

I lounged on the couch in the attic sitting-room, pyramidal in shape with deep-set windows.

The ancient church of St Mary, with its beautiful east window , was at one time the parish church of Drypool.

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