Meaning of OCCULT in English

Occult : There is no generally accepted meaning for this term. The term has been used to refer to such unrelated topics as astrology, palm reading, the Masonic Order, Satanism , tarot card reading, New Age Spirituality and Wicca . Some definitions include:

- A group of mostly unrelated spiritual and/or magical activities, the detailed knowledge of which is kept secret from the general public.

- A set of mostly unrelated divination and/or spiritual practices or activities which are not part of a person's faith or of any large world religion.

- An activity which involves elements of divination, evil sorcery, magic and/or supernaturally gained concrete experiences or truths.

- Conservative usage: Satanism the core element of the occult; most of the remaining occult groups are either forms of Satanism or are recruiting groups for Satanism. All Occultic groups are anti-Christian. Rituals are based on demonic powers and fakery. Heavy metal rock music, fantasy role games etc.are often considered occult pastimes .

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