Meaning of FUNK in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ fʌŋk ]

noun (Music) (Youth Culture) In recent use in popular music, a style that draws upon Black cultural roots and includes bluesy or soulful elements, especially syncopated rhythms and chord progressions including sevenths and ninths; often as the second word in combinations (see below). Etymology: In US English the word funk originally meant 'a bad smell' but a new sense was back-formed from the slang adjective funky in the fifties to refer to the fashion then for down-to-earth bluesy music; funky also meant 'swinging' or 'fashionable'. (There is no connection with the British English word funk meaning 'a state of fear'.) In the latest development of its meaning, Funk has been extended outside the styles traditionally thought of as funky, tending to become a catch-all tag for whatever is fashionable in a particular area of popular music. History and Usage: As mentioned above, funk has existed since the fifties, but has acquired a broader meaning recently. The first crossovers between funk and other styles came in the seventies with disco-funk, a funky (that is, fast and rootsy) style of disco music. This was followed in the eighties by electrofunk (see electro), jazz-funk (which, it has more than once been claimed, is neither jazz nor funk), p-funk (a style developed by George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic), slack-funk, slow-funk, and techno-funk (see techno), to name only a few of the styles which claimed to include funk elements. A leading and influential practitioner of funk proper is James Brown. Often the funk tag signifies no more than an attempt to incorporate Black musical traditions and jagged rhythms, funky chord progressions, or soulful lyrics into the White music style: funk has been widely played by White musicians since the mid seventies. Derivatives formed on funk have also been common in the eighties: funker and funkster extended their meaning to cover the broader sense of funk, and there were other, one-off formations along the lines of funkadelic (originally a proper name but also adopted as a common noun or adjective), funkateer, funkathon, and funketize. We scored No 1 disco albums with legendary jazz-funk duo Morrissey Mullen. Music Week 2 Feb. 1985, Advertisement pullout, p. i If old bubblegum music is on I sing at the top of my lungs, and if new funkadelic is on I bop in my seat. New York Times 14 May 1986, section C, p. 1 If you've never fancied this kind of frantic funk try this for size. Blackman's wild and witty lyrical style combines macho street level cliche with sharp social awareness. Hi-Fi Answers Dec. 1986, p. 78 These 10 songs demonstrate that all it takes is a good kick in the pants, a bottleneck slide guitar, and a feel for Muscle Shoals slow-funk to make a boy want to whoop and holler all night long. Dirty Linen Spring 1989, p. 56 The second track on the album, 'Have a Talk with God' is a simple message to people with problems...backed with a slack-funk beat. Shades No. 1 1990, p. 19

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