Meaning of GALLERIA in English

noun (Business World) (Lifestyle and Leisure) In marketing and planning jargon, a collection of small shops under a single roof, either in an arcade or as concessions in a large store. Etymology: A direct borrowing from Italian galleria 'arcade'. History and Usage: Architects in English-speaking countries were first inspired by the idea of the Italian galleria in the sixties and began to design shopping arcades on the same model, but it was not until the early eighties that the word galleria suddenly came into vogue as a fashionable way of saying 'arcade'. The vogue was continued by the application of the term to shops-within-a-shop as well. Burton and Habitat intend to create a new format at Debenhams with the 'Galleria concept'--an integrated collection of highly-focused speciality stores under one roof. Yorkshire Post 23 May 1985, p. 4 The winning scheme...incorporated the inevitable 'galleria'. The Times 17 Feb. 1990, p. 10 Johnson took over eleven floors in an unremarkable glass tower at a suburban shopping center named The Galleria. Bryan Burrough & John Helyar Barbarians at the Gate (1990), p. 85

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