Meaning of UNFRIENDLY° in English

noun (Politics) A hostile person or thing; in military jargon, an enemy. Etymology: Formed by treating the adjective unfriendly as a noun; in the military usage there could be some influence from the adjective friendly meaning 'fighting on one's own side'. History and Usage: Unfriendly was first used as a noun in the seventies. Apart from the military usage recorded here, it has been used to refer to any hostile person or thing (for example, a hostile take-over bid or an attacking rogue program such as a virus). The old model [missiles] you can buy...Makes a big difference if the friendlies or the unfriendlies get 'em, and what kind of encoding hardware, computer directors, and so on go with 'em. S. F. X. Dean Such Pretty Things (1982), p. 146 We violated the sovereign nation's borders with our troops; shot and killed 'unfriendlies' as well as that nation's civilians. Charlotte Observer 2 Jan. 1990, section A, p. 5

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