Meaning of ABORTIVE in English


noun a fruitless effort or issue.

2. abortive ·v rendering fruitless or ineffectual.

3. abortive ·v causing abortion; as, abortive medicines.

4. abortive ·v cutting short; as, abortive treatment of typhoid fever.

5. abortive ·v produced by abortion; born prematurely; as, an abortive child.

6. abortive ·v made from the skin of a still-born animal; as, abortive vellum.

7. abortive ·noun a medicine to which is attributed the property of causing abortion.

8. abortive ·noun that which is born or brought forth prematurely; an abortion.

9. abortive ·v imperfectly formed or developed; rudimentary; sterile; as, an abortive organ, stamen, ovule, ·etc.

10. abortive ·v coming to naught; failing in its effect; miscarrying; fruitless; unsuccessful; as, an abortive attempt.

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