Meaning of GLOBE in English


vt to gather or form into a globe.

2. globe ·noun the earth; the terraqueous ball;

— usually preceded by the definite article.

3. globe ·noun anything which is nearly spherical or globular in shape; as, the globe of the eye; the globe of a lamp.

4. globe ·noun a round or spherical body, solid or hollow; a body whose surface is in every part equidistant from the center; a ball; a sphere.

5. globe ·noun a body of troops, or of men or animals, drawn up in a circle;

— a military formation used by the romans, answering to the modern infantry square.

6. globe ·noun a round model of the world; a spherical representation of the earth or heavens; as, a terrestrial or celestial globe;

— called also artificial globe.

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