Meaning of GLOBE in English

I. ˈglōb noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French, from Latin globus — more at clip

1. : something that is spherical or rounded : sphere , ball : as


(1) : a round typically hollow and metal ball that has a map of the earth drawn on it and that is usually set so as to be rotatable at an angle corresponding to the inclination of the earth's axis

rotated the terrestrial globe until the crimson triangle of India was opposite their eyes — Aldous Huxley

(2) : a similar ball that shows the configurations of the heavens (as the location and arrangement of the constellations)

referring to a celestial globe during the lecture

b. : planet

still undiscovered globes in space

especially : earth — usually used with the or this

journeys over much of the globe — R.A.Cordell

every habitable part of this globe

airglow appears to be present at all times and is distributed over the entire globe — C.T.Elvey

c. : a golden ball carried by sovereigns as an emblem of authority : orb 1c(3)

His the scepter, crown, and globe — P.B.Shelley

d. : a spherical or rounded typically glass vessel (as a fishbowl) or covering (as a lampshade) or housing (as an electric light bulb)

e. : eyeball

2. obsolete : a closely massed group or compact body

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

archaic : to form into a globe

intransitive verb

archaic : to appear as a globe : take the form of a globe

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