Meaning of WINDING in English


noun a call by the boatswain's whistle.

2. winding · & ·vb.n. of wind.

3. winding · & ·vb.n. of wind.

4. winding · & ·vb.n. of wind.

5. winding ·adj twisting from a direct line or an even surface; circuitous.

6. winding ·noun a turn or turning; a bend; a curve; flexure; meander; as, the windings of a road or stream.

7. winding ·add. ·noun the material, as wire or rope, wound or coiled about anything, or a single round or turn of the material;.

8. winding ·noun a line- or ribbon-shaped material (as wire, string, or bandaging) wound around an object; as, the windings (conducting wires) wound around the armature of an electric motor or generator.

9. winding ·add. ·noun a series winding, or one in which the armature coil, the field-magnet coil, and the external circuit form a continuous conductor; a shunt winding, or one of such a character that the armature current is divided, a portion of the current being led around the field-magnet coils.

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