Meaning of ABANDONMENT in English


 ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷dənmənt noun

( -s )

Etymology: French abandonnement, from abandonner to abandon (from Old French abandoner ) + -ment — more at abandon


a. : the act of abandoning : relinquishment , renunciation

such freedom meant the abandonment of many long-cherished phrases — I.M.Price


(1) : desertion of a spouse with the intention of creating a permanent separation

(2) : desertion of a child by its parents


(1) : such relinquishment by an inventor of his right to secure a patent as will constitute a dedication of the invention to public use

(2) : an author's relinquishment to the public domain of his copyright

d. : relinquishment by a nonuser for a specified period (as of an easement)

e. : the act of the insured in surrendering all rights to damaged or lost property to the insurer as a total loss

f. : refusal to accept from a delivering carrier a shipment so damaged in transit as to be worthless

g. : permission sought by or granted to a carrier by a state or federal agency to cease operation of all or part of a route or service

2. : the quality or state of being abandoned : freedom from restraint : self-surrender

in a spirit of utter abandonment he carols his simple strain — John Burroughs

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