Meaning of ADJUSTMENT in English

əˈjəs(t)mənt noun

( -s )

Etymology: French ajustement (formerly also adjustement ), from ajuster, adjuster + -ment

1. : the act or process of adjusting: as

a. : the bringing into proper, exact, or conforming position or condition

adjustment of a river to the underlying rock structure

b. : a harmonizing or settling

the adjustment of variant views — I.A.Richards

the orderly adjustment of disputes — F.A.Ogg & P.O.Ray

c. ecology : functional and often transitory alteration by which an organism is better adapted to its immediate environment — compare adaptation 2b

2. : a settlement of a claim or debt in a case in which the amount involved is uncertain or in which full payment is not made

3. : the state of being adjusted: as

a. : a satisfactory or desirable solution or arrangement

a series of emotional adjustments — H.G.Armstrong

the adjustment of the boundary question — American Guide Series: Maine

b. : a harmonized or balanced condition

the nice adjustment on either side of the scale — J.L.Lowes

4. : a means (as a mechanism) by which things are adjusted one to another

an adjustment for focusing a microscope


a. : a correction or modification of an account to reflect the actual condition at the close of a given period by means of journal entries recording accruals, correction of errors, and depreciation

b. : an increase or decrease

an adjustment in his salary

sometimes : a decrease in business activity : a mild depression

6. psychology

a. : the process by which one becomes adjusted

b. : the extent to which one is able to adjust

• ad·just·men·tal ə|jəs(t)|ment ə l, |aˌjə- adjective

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