Meaning of ADJUVANT in English


I. -vənt adjective

Etymology: French or Latin; French, from Latin adjuvant-, adjuvans, present participle of adjuvare to aid — more at aid

1. : serving to aid or contribute : auxiliary

an adjuvant discipline to … forms of mysticism — Havelock Ellis

2. : involving the use of or functioning as a medical adjuvant

the adjuvant action of certain bacteria

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: French adjuvant, adjective, or Latin adjuvant-, adjuvans, present participle

: one that helps or facilitates: as

a. : an ingredient (as in a prescription or solution) that facilitates or modifies the action of the principal ingredient

an adjuvant that dries paint

the beneficial activity of the spray is enhanced by adjuvants

b. : a method, drug, or other means that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment

X rays and antibiotics are adjuvants to surgery

III. ˈajəvənt, -jüvänt, aˈjüvənt noun

: a substance enhancing the immune response to an antigen

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