Meaning of ALGIN in English


ˈaljə̇n noun

( -s )

Etymology: alga + -in

: any of various colloidal substances that occur in or are extracted from marine brown algae, especially giant kelp: as

a. : a naturally occurring mixture held to contain alginic acid and certain of its salts

b. : alginic acid

c. : any soluble salt of alginic acid ; especially : the sodium salt that forms a viscous solution with cold or hot water, that is obtained in the form of a white to brown powder by extraction from kelp with a soda solution, and that is used chiefly as a stabilizing, emulsifying, thickening, coating, or water-holding agent in foods (as ice cream), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cold-water paints, in sizing textiles, in creaming rubber latex, and as a base for dental-impression materials

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