Meaning of ARC in English

I. ˈärk, ˈȧk noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English ark, from Middle French arc, from Latin arcus bow, arc — more at arrow

1. : the apparent path described above and below the horizon by the sun or other celestial body

2. : something that is arched or curved : an arched or curved shape or figure

with eyebrows raised in a quizzical arc

he bent the twig into an arc


a. obsolete : arch

triumphal arcs — John Milton

b. : a geologic or topographic feature repeated along a curving line on the earth's surface

island arcs … so well developed in the western Pacific — F.P.Shepard

volcanic arcs


(1) : a sustained brilliantly luminous glow sometimes having the appearance of a curved line of flame that is formed under certain conditions when a break is made in an electric circuit

(2) : a spotlight or lamp that uses an electric arc as the light source

d. : one of the curved stripes that close the open angle at the bottom or top of certain chevrons on military uniforms

e. : the quarter circle enclosing the service box on a squash rackets court

3. : a continuous portion of a curved line or path (as part of a circle or an ellipse)

4. : angular measure — used chiefly in the phrase of arc

11 minutes 3 seconds of arc

II. intransitive verb

( arced -kt ; arced “ ; arcing -kiŋ ; arcs )

1. : to form an electric arc

2. : to follow or describe a curving course resembling the form of an arc

waterfalls arc outward into … white plumes — C.H.Baker

the meandering Kum river, arcing around Taejon — Newsweek

III. noun

: trajectory : span

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