Meaning of AREA in English


ˈarēə, ˈer-, ˈaar-, ˈār- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin, piece of level ground, threshing floor, from arēre to be dry; from its use as a place to dry grain, or from the vegetation's having been burned off — more at ardor


a. : a level or relatively level piece of unoccupied or unused ground : a clear or open space of land

plants his crops on any area he can find — P.E.James

b. : a definitely bounded piece of ground set aside for a specific use or purpose

the state has provided several picnic areas along the new highway

a free parking area in the center of town

2. : the superficial contents of any figure : superficial extent : the surface included within any set of lines ; specifically : the number of squares, each with a side one unit long, that exactly cover a surface (as in certain rectangles) when it can be covered in such a manner or a number that is equally acceptable as a measure of the surface (as in spheres or circles) when it cannot be covered in this manner


a. : the enclosed space or site on which a building stands

b. : areaway

went down the steps into the area of a house — James Joyce


a. : a clear or open space within a building

the communion table should be removed from the middle of the area — David Hume †1776

b. : a definitely bounded part or section of a building set aside for a specific use or purpose

the house has a large kitchen area

5. : any particular extent of space or surface: as

a. : a part of the surface of the human body

if the ethyl fluid should come in contact with the skin, wash the area immediately — H.G.Armstrong

b. : an expanse or tract of the earth's surface

a large area outside the marshes is submerged — Wilfred Thesiger

c. : a section, district, or zone of a town or city

the shopping area

the residential area

d. : a region or territory including and surrounding a city, consisting of a large part of a state or country or several states or countries, or embracing an entire continent or parts of more than one continent

the Chicago area

the West Virginia mining area

the Caribbean area

Europe … was considered the chief danger area — A.O.Wolfers

e. : the territory assigned to a military unit

the battalion's new area was on the fringe of the town — Bill Davidson

f. : culture area


a. : the range or extent covered by or included in some thing or concept : the sphere or scope of operation or action : field

the whole area of foreign policy

the novel has steadily widened the areas of experience it will deal with — Bernard De Voto

b. : a system or sphere of intellectual activity or study ; specifically : a major section of a curriculum

courses in the area of the humanities

7. : a part of the cerebral cortex regarded as having a particular function — see association area , motor area , sensory area

Synonyms: see size

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