Meaning of AYE in English


I. adverb

also ay ˈā, in Brit dial “ or ˈəi or ˈai

Etymology: Middle English aye, ai, agg, from Old Norse ei; akin to Old English ā, ō always, Old High German eo, io, Gothic aiws time, eternity, Latin aevum age, lifetime, Greek aiōn age, eon, Sanskrit āyus life

: for all time or for an indefinite time : forever , ever , always , continually

love will aye endure — W.S.Gilbert

I aye thought the quotations from him … most appetizing — John Buchan

II. adverb

also ay ˈī

Etymology: earlier I, perhaps from Middle English yie, alteration of ye, ya yes — more at yea

: yes , certainly

aye , I mind him well — John Buchan

— used as an affirmative response especially in viva-voce voting, nautical language, and dialect speech; used reduplicatively in nautical language in response to an order or command

aye, aye, sir means “I understand, sir, and I will do it”

III. noun

also ay ˈī

( plural ayes )

1. : an affirmative vote

cast an aye for all administration measures

2. : one who votes affirmatively

the ayes have it

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