Meaning of BACKLASH in English


I. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

Etymology: back (III) + lash


a. : a sudden often violent backward movement or recoil

b. : the clearance, slack, or play between adjacent movable parts (as in a train of cars or series of gears) or the jar or reaction often caused by such clearance when the parts are suddenly put in action or are in irregular action

c. : an action or reaction in a reverse direction suggesting such a backward movement or recoil

2. : a snarl in that part of a fishing line which is wound on the spool of the reel caused by overrunning of the spool

3. : a rearward movement of the trigger of a firearm past the position where hammer or firing pin is released

4. : the small reverse phase of an imperfectly rectified alternating current resulting from positive ions produced in the gas of the rectifier tube by the impact of thermoelectrons

II. intransitive verb

: to make or execute a backlash

III. noun

: a strong adverse reaction (as to a recent political or social development)

big success also means big backlash — Jeffrey Schmalz

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