Meaning of BLEED in English


I. ˈblēd verb

( bled ˈbled ; obsolete bleeded ; bled obsolete bleeded ; bleeding ; bleeds )

Etymology: Middle English bleden, from Old English blēdan, from blōd blood — more at blood

intransitive verb


a. : to emit blood

the wound bled freely

: to lose blood

hemophiliacs often bleed severely from the slightest scratch

b. : to lose blood from wounds : to sacrifice one's blood (as in battle)

men who fought and bled along this rocky coast


a. : to feel anguish, pain, or sympathy

his heart bleeds for the distress of his fellows

b. : to be in grave distress or seriously disordered circumstances

the human race … bleeding in its uneasy sleep — Irwin Shaw

c. : to become upset or bothered

only steak and four eggs for breakfast? I bleed for you


a. : to ooze, drop, or flow from or as though from a wound

grease bleeding through a wrapper

also : to escape by such a process

pitch bleeds freely from any little break in the bark

b. of life or its phenomena : to terminate as a result of bleeding — usually used with away

retaining but a quantity of life, which bleeds away — Shakespeare

c. : to give up some constituent or content by bleeding

fruits sulfured at high temperatures … bleed more readily than when sulfured at lower temperatures — Experiment Station Record

4. : to exude something : discharge: as

a. : to exude water or sap from a wounded surface (as of a tree)

b. : to diffuse or run when wetted — used chiefly of textile dyes or dyed fabrics

c. : to diffuse into and show through a covering layer — used of various pigments or of the paints, enamels, or varnishes into which they are incorporated

5. dialect Britain , of grain crops : to yield well


a. : to pay out or give money

willing to bleed freely for the cause

b. : to have money drawn or extorted

hang those city fellows, they must bleed — W.M.Thackeray

7. : to be printed so as to run off one or more edges of a printed page or sheet after trimming — often used with off

the halftones bleed off all round the edges of the 4-page spread

8. : to separate from a mixture — used especially of oils (as from grease)

9. : to exude bituminous material — used of pavements or creosoted timber bound or impregnated with such material

transitive verb

1. : to remove or draw blood from

at one time the surgeon bled the patient for any or every ill

the meat will keep better if the carcass is bled immediately and thoroughly


a. : to obtain money from especially by improper or unlawful methods

the company … had bled consumers in western Mississippi of $2 to $3 million a year in excessive rates — New Republic

b. : to take away : extract

mobilization plans call for bleeding just as much metals out of the durable-goods industries as they can stand — Newsweek

3. : to draw the sap from (a tree)

4. : to drain or empty of liquid, gas, or other contents especially slowly: as

a. : to empty of accumulated water (as a steam cylinder, air reservoir, or a leaking buoy in which water has accumulated)

b. : to let out the air from (a reservoir or other container) so as to diminish pressure

c. : to let out grain from (a sack) by slitting (as in stowing a cargo)

d. : to draw off or extract (low-pressure steam) from any of the stages of the expansions of a steam turbine for heating buildings, for boiler feed water, for process work, or for other purposes

5. : to cause (as a printed illustration) to bleed ; also : to trim (as a page) so that some of the printing bleeds

6. of a dyed article : to give up (dye or color) when wetted

- bleed white

II. noun

( -s )

1. print : something that bleeds or is bled (as an illustration or a page) ; also : the part trimmed off in bleeding or the corresponding area of the printing plate

2. : a stain discoloration showing on a surface resulting from diffusion of coloring matter from a substance


a. : bleeder 4a

b. : a narrow opening in the surface of an air inlet through which low-energy boundary-layer air is bled off from the main stream

III. noun

: the escape of blood from vessels : hemorrhage

a massive gastrointestinal bleed

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