Meaning of CABLE in English

I. ˈkābəl noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Old North French, from Medieval Latin capulum lasso, from Latin capere to take — more at heave


a. : a strong rope ; especially : a rope 10 or more inches in circumference

b. : a cable-laid rope

c. : a wire rope or metal chain of great strength used especially for hauling, for securing a ship to an anchor, or for supporting the rods and roadway of a suspension bridge

d. : a wire or wire rope by means of which force is exerted to control or operate a mechanism

ailerons operated by control cables

2. : cable length


a. : a ropelike usually stranded assembly of electrical conductors or of groups of two or more conductors insulated from each other but laid up together usually by being twisted around a central core, the whole usually heavily insulated by outside wrappings ; specifically : a submarine cable — see telegraph cable


[by shortening]

: cablegram

c. : cable transfer


a. : something resembling or fashioned like a cable

creepers of many kinds and of every size, from huge cables to thin cords, loop from tree to tree — C.D.Forde

a cable motif

b. : a convex molding that occupies a flute of a column or pilaster usually in the lower part of the shaft

c. also cable stitch : a knitting stitch that produces a pattern resembling the twist of a 2-ply cable

a cable on a sweater

II. verb

( cabled ; cabled ; cabling ˈkāb(ə)liŋ ; cables )

transitive verb

1. : to fasten with or as if with a cable

2. : to ornament with something resembling a cable

3. : to telegraph by a submarine cable

4. architecture : to fill (flutes) with cables

5. : to make into a cable or into a form resembling a cable ; specifically : to twist together (two or more strands, plied yarns, or threads)

intransitive verb

1. : to communicate by a submarine cable

cable for immediate delivery of goods

2. : to make a cable stitch

III. noun

: cable television herein

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