Meaning of CAM in English


dialect Britain

past of come

II. ˈkam adverb

Etymology: probably from Welsh, crooked

dialect : crookedly , awry , askew

III. adjective

Etymology: probably from Welsh; akin to Old Irish camm crooked — more at change

dialect : crooked , twisted , perverse

IV. ˈkam, -aa(ə)m noun

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps from French came, from German kamm, literally, comb, from Old High German kamb — more at comb

1. : a rotating or sliding piece of machinery (as a wheel or a projection on a wheel) that imparts motion to a roller moving against its edge or to a pin free to move in a groove on its face or that receives motion from such a roller or pin

2. : a curved wedge movable about an axis and used for forcing or clamping two pieces together

V. transitive verb

( cammed ; cammed ; camming ; cams )

1. : to move or control the movement of with a cam

2. : to shape into a cam (as by grooving) — often used with out

VI. abbreviation


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