Meaning of COMMERCIAL in English


I. kəˈmərshəl, -mə̄sh-, -məish- adjective

Etymology: commerce (I) + -ial

1. : of, in, or relating to commerce: as

a. : occupied with or engaged in commerce

a commercial establishment

the commercial world

b. : related to or dealing with commerce

commercial treaty

c. — used in or characteristic of commerce

commercial weights

commercial language

commercial ethics

d. : suitable to or adequate for commerce

found oil in commercial quantities


(1) : of the kind or quality used in commerce

(2) : of an average or inferior quality

commercial oxalic acid

commercial grade of beef

— compare technical

f. : produced or producible in large quantities for commerce

relying on a balanced diet rather than commercial vitamin concentrates


a. : from the point of view of profit : having profit as the primary aim

commercial success

commercial failure

commercial aspect

b. : sacrificing artistic principles for qualities that bring financial success

commercial drama

commercial music

3. of a school, a course, or a curriculum : emphasizing skills and subjects considered useful in business occupations — compare business education , general

4. : paid for by an advertiser — used especially of a radio or television program

II. noun

( -s )

1. Britain : traveling salesman


a. : an advertisement broadcast during a sponsored radio or television program or between programs

b. : a radio or television program sponsored by an advertiser

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