Meaning of COMPARATOR in English

kəmˈparəd.ə(r) also ˈkämpəˌrād.- noun

( -s )

Etymology: French & Latin; French comparateur, from Latin comparator comparer, from comparatus (past participle of comparare to compare) + -or

: one that compares something to be measured with a standard measure: as


(1) : a device employing a micrometer screw or a vernier and a microscope in the precise measurement of short lengths

(2) : any of various devices for the rapid inspection of mechanical parts to detect deviations from a standard piece

b. : an apparatus used for determining concentration of dissolved substances (as hydrogen ions) in solution by color comparison with known standards — compare colorimeter 2

c. : an instrument, device, or set of charts (as for use in chemical analysis and medical diagnosis) for the determination and specification of colors by direct comparison with a standardized system of colors

d. : stereocomparator

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