Meaning of COMPENSATION in English


ˌkämpənˈsāshən, -ˌpen- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English compensacioun, from Latin compensation-, compensatio balancing of accounts, from compensatus (past participle of compensare to compensate) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : the act or action of making up, making good, or counterbalancing : rendering equal : amending: as


(1) : the counterbalancing of a defect in bodily structure or limitation in function of an organ by overgrowth of another or by increased function of unimpaired parts of the same organ

cardiac compensation

— compare decompensation

(2) : a psychic mechanism or process whereby an individual compensates for a frustrated drive, inadequacy, or imperfection by substituting or stressing another drive, trait, or function

b. : adjustment of the phase retardation of one light ray with respect to that of another

c. civil law : extinction of the mutual debts of two persons that are reciprocally debtors and creditors (as in setoff)

d. phonetics : compensatory lengthening or compensatory doubling

2. : something that constitutes an equivalent or recompense: as

a. : something that makes good a lack

rewards which are no compensations for the abandoned gratifications — Abram Kardiner

b. : something that makes up for a loss

compensation will be made by Germany for all damage done to the civilian population of the Allies … by the aggression of Germany — J.M.Keynes

specifically : payment received by a worker or his dependents for claims under a workmen's compensation act or cash benefits received by eligible unemployed as provided for by legislation

c. : something that relieves, equalizes, or neutralizes (as pressure, stress, or stimuli) : means of alleviation

nor did he use letter writing as a compensation for inner tensions — Yale Review

for the men who are really up there, the war is a tough and dirty life, without immediate compensation — Walter Bernstein

jazz began as the compensation music of a shackled race — Esquire's Jazz Book

d. : payment for value received or service rendered : remuneration

the compensation of United States government employees

compensation to the Indians for the land ceded by them consisted of livestock — D.E.Clark

e. : moral or spiritual reward or feeling or sense thereof

however shoddy his life an artist knows the compensations of creation and achievement

there are so many compensations that come from coaching small-time football — Bert LaBrucherie

f. physics : balance or counteraction of opposed forces

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