Meaning of CONDUCTOR in English


kənˈdəktə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Latin conductor lessee) of earlier conduitour, conditour commander, guide, from Middle English, commander, from Middle French conduiteur one that conducts, from Medieval Latin conductor escorter, manorial manager, commander, from Latin, lessee, from conductus (past participle of conducere to bring together, hire) + -or — more at conduce

1. : one that conducts (as a person that leads or escorts) : guide , escort


a. obsolete : a commander or leader (as of an army or a ship)

b. : one in charge of a public conveyance (as a streetcar)

c. : a railroad employee who supervises the train crew and collects fares from passengers


a. : downspout

b. : lightning rod


[Latin, lessee]

: hirer ; especially : bailee , lessee

5. : a substance or body capable of transmitting electricity, heat, or sound

6. : a person that conducts an orchestra, chorus, or other group of musical performers

7. : a bodily part that transmits excitation (as a nerve fiber)

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