Meaning of CONTINUOUS in English

kənˈtinyəwəs adjective

Etymology: Latin continuus, from continēre to hold together — more at continent


a. : characterized by uninterrupted extension in space : stretching on without break or interruption

a continuous and rather spacious channel — C.H.Grandgent

b. : characterized by uninterrupted extension in time or sequence : continuing without intermission or recurring regularly after minute interruptions

humanism has been sporadic, but Christianity continuous — T.S.Eliot

a continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light — James Jeans

2. : operated without interruption

a continuous furnace

a continuous retort

3. of sculpture : having one depicted scene following another without an obvious break

4. of a beam, span, truss : having three or more supports or extending over two or more panels — see bridge illustration

5. of plant spores

a. : lacking septa

b. : merging or in protoplasmic continuity with the tissue of the cap or peridium (as in certain fungi)

6. : progressive 7

7. : of the nature of a continuum

8. of a function : having an arbitrarily small numerical difference between the value at a point and the value at any point in a sufficiently small neighborhood of the point

Synonyms: see continual

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