Meaning of CONVERTER in English

I. kənˈvər]d.ə(r), -və̄], -vəi], ]tə- noun

( -s )

: one that converts a thing, person, or group

is the steer that eats eight pounds of wheat, corn, and soybeans to give us one pound of meat an efficient food converter — George Poindexter


a. : a workman or machine that performs a step or series of steps in the transformation of materials into a manufactured product (as a furnace in which air is blown through crude metal or matte to refine it or the operator of such a furnace)

b. or conver·tor “ : a device for changing energy from one form to another (as formerly a transformer or now a machine employing mechanical rotation) — see motor converter , synchronous converter

c. : a businessman or firm that buys unfinished goods for finishing ; specifically : one that buys gray goods and finishes them by dyeing, bleaching, or printing

d. : a radio device usually consisting of an oscillator and mixing tube that is used in superheterodyne receivers or other equipment where a change of signal frequency is desired


(1) : a cipher machine ; especially : an electric one adaptable to automatic operation

(2) : a machine that transfers information from one code to another and usually from one recording medium to another

f. : an auxiliary device for adapting a television receiver to receive channels for which it was not originally designed

II. noun

1. : a device that accepts data in one form and changes it to another

analog-digital converter

2. : catalytic converter herein

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