Meaning of CONVERTIBLE in English


I. kənˈvər]d.əbəl, -və̄], -vəi], ]təb- adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin convertibilis, from Latin, changeable, from convertere to turn round, transform + -ibilis -ible — more at convert

: capable of being converted: as

a. : interchangeable in meaning

synonymous and equivalent are convertible terms

b. : capable of being changed in form, properties, type, or use : capable of being adapted to more than one use

heat convertible into electricity

an afternoon dress convertible for evening wear


(1) : capable of being worn in more than one way

a convertible collar worn open or closed

(2) of an automobile : having a top that may be folded back, lowered, or removed

a convertible coupe

a convertible sedan

c. logic : capable of being transposed by conversion

d. : capable of being converted to a belief, opinion, or principle

a man not easily convertible to strange manners and morals


(1) : capable of being exchanged for a specified equivalent (as property, value, or obligation of another kind)

preferred stock convertible at an agreed ratio into common

(2) of currency : capable of being exchanged without restriction for currency of another kind

francs convertible into dollars

• con·vert·ible·ness noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

: something that is convertible: as

a. : a convertible term in a logical proposition

b. : a convertible automobile — compare hardtop convertible

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