Meaning of CONVEYANCE in English


-āən(t)s noun

( -s )

1. : the action of conveying: as

a. : the communication or transmission of thought, idea, or meaning

conveyance of the meaning … through speech — A.T.Davison

b. : carrying , transporting , transportation

the railways are … suited to the conveyance of heavy loads at high speed — O.S.Nock

: a serving as a means of transportation

conveyance of irrigation water

c. : the act by which the title to property (as real estate) is transferred : the transfer of ownership — compare conveyancing 2

d. archaic : a carrying off or removal (as feloniously or by stealth) : theft

e. obsolete

(1) : the act or manner of conducting or managing

(2) : crafty or dishonest management : underhanded work or practice : trick , artifice

2. : a means or way of conveying: as

a. obsolete : a way or means of communicating (as thought or meaning) or passing (as from place to place)

b. : an instrument in writing (as a deed or mortgage) by which the title to property is conveyed from one person to another

c. obsolete : a channel or passage for conduction or transmission (as of fluids or electricity)

these pipes and these conveyances of our blood — Shakespeare

d. : a means of carrying or transporting something (as persons as passengers) : vehicle

all … who had horses and conveyances of any sort — Kenneth Roberts

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