Meaning of COTTAGE in English


ˈkäd.ij, -ätij, -ēj noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English cotage, from (assumed) Anglo-French, from Middle English cot (I) + Old French -age

1. : the dwelling of a rural laborer, small farmer, or miner : cot

2. : a small structure built as a temporary or occasional shelter typically for shepherds or hunters : hut , shack

3. : a detached one-family house ; especially : a frame house of no more than one or two stories


a. : one of several detached dwelling units forming part of a resort hotel, sanatorium, hospital, or school : guesthouse ; specifically : one of several small detached dwelling units that house neglected or delinquent children and are designed to reproduce a noninstitutional familial environment

b. : a small house designed typically for summer use

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