Meaning of CRITERION in English

krīˈtirēən sometimes krə̇ˈ- noun

( plural crite·ria -rēə ; also criterions )

Etymology: Greek kritērion, from kritēs judge, from krinein to separate, decide — more at certain

1. : a characterizing mark or trait

increased speed, climb, and ceiling, three of the four basic criteria of air combat — Science News Letter

a special constitutional criterion of that person — Journal American Medical Association

2. : a standard on which a decision or judgment may be based

the accepted criteria of adequate diet

: a standard of reference : yardstick : an identifying indication

what then are the criteria of a desirable organization of utilities — Harper's

: a basis for discrimination : ground

3. : an expression by whose value varieties of a mathematical form may be distinguished

criterion of a conic

Synonyms: see standard

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