Meaning of CUTTER in English

I. ˈkəd.ə(r), ˈkətə- noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from cutten to cut + -er

1. : one that cuts:

a. : one whose work is cutting or involves cutting: as

(1) : one that castrates animals

a horse cutter

(2) : one that cuts cloth or fur to measure in making garments

(3) : one that cuts flat glass or grinds designs on glass

(4) : an operator of a machine for pulverizing crushed ore samples into powder for chemical analysis

(5) : a miner who uses hand tools to extract coal in underground areas

(6) : one that cuts and shapes gems

(7) : one that cuts or carves building and monumental stone

(8) : one that edits individual motion-picture shots and assembles them into a finished motion picture


(1) : an instrument that cuts : a machine, machine part, or tool that cuts

(2) : a rotary cutting tool with many cutting edges

(3) : a device for vibrating a cutting stylus in exact accord with electrical input in disc recording

(4) : the cutting stylus : the sapphire or diamond point of a stylus

2. obsolete

a. : bravo , bully

b. : cutthroat , highwayman


a. : a cutting comment

b. : one that cuts an acquaintance

4. : a fore tooth : incisor — distinguished from grinder


a. : a boat, usually broad and square sterned, motor powered or rowed, carried aboard large ships for carrying stores or passengers

b. : a fore-and-aft rigged sailing boat with jib, forestaysail, and mainsail, the single mast now usually stepped further aft than that of a sloop, the hull formerly being typically of extreme length and depth but now not usually distinguished from that of a sloop

c. : a small armed boat in the government service, in the United States Coast Guard being over 83 feet in length and not classed as an auxiliary

d. : a boat carrying coaches, trainers, and officials at a boat race

6. : a light sleigh drawn by one or two horses

7. : a soft brick that can be cut or rubbed to shape

8. : an inferior grade of carcass beef of which only the ribs and loins are sometimes marketed as cuts, the remainder being boned out for processing into beef products (as sausage)

9. : a leaf of flue-cured tobacco pulled from the higher portion of the lower half of the stalk

10. slang : revolver

II. ˈku̇tə(r), ˈkət- intransitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: probably of imitative origin like Middle High German kuteren to giggle, coo

dialect Britain : to talk confidentially or in a low voice

III. ˈkəd.ə(r), ˈkətə- transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Cutter (number)

: to assign a Cutter number to

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