Meaning of DAP in English


I. ˈdap verb

( dapped ; dapped ; dapping ; daps )

Etymology: perhaps alteration of dab (II)

intransitive verb

1. : to drop bait or fish by dropping bait gently on the water : dib

had considerable success dapping with the natural fly — John Buchan

2. : to dip gently or quickly into water

out in the bay innumerable craft dapped and sailed — Sean O'Dwyer

3. : rebound , bounce , skip

transitive verb

1. : to cause to jump or skip on or along the surface of water

dapping stones

dapping her homemade flies in an English chalk stream — E.L.Peterson

2. : to produce (cup-shaped forms in sheet metal) by the use of special dies and punches

3. : to cut and form a recess in (timbers) for making a joint

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a bounce especially of a ball : a skip especially of a stone over water

2. : the bait used in dapping

3. : a notch cut in one timber to receive another

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