Meaning of DIRECTIONAL in English

-shən ə l, -shnəl adjective

1. : relating to direction in space:

a. : moving, aiming, or leading in some particular direction

a strictly directional flight on a great circle

directional lines showing winds and ocean currents

b. : suitable or used for detecting the direction in which or from which signals are received

plot position by directional radio

flying on the beam of a directional radio range

c. : so designed that performance depends on direction or is restricted in direction : more effective in some directions than others

a polarized directional electromagnet controls the position and shape of the tail flame — J.K.Elderkin

the use of directional broadcasting techniques had made it possible to increase the number of radio stations — F.L.Mott

specifically : narrowly selective as to direction in the emission or reception of signals

a highly directional microphone picks up sounds coming from a single direction

that a Geiger-Müller tube cannot be made directional enough and still retain any measure of workable sensitivity — Surgical Forum

d. of sound : controlled for giving depth and realism in motion pictures by the use of several sound tracks recorded at different parts of the set or location

e. : indicating the direction in which something lies or the direction to take or about to be taken

a directional airway marker

directional arrows for facilitating movement of traffic

flashing directional signals for motorcars and trucks

2. : relating to direction (as of thought, effort, or culture):

a. : aimed or moving in the direction of one or another object, objective, or condition

the picture presented is frankly chaotic; it is hard to recognize in it any unifying pattern, any directional trends — V.G.Childe

the directional quality of cultural change

b. : constitutive of purpose or motivation


a. : consisting of or imposing direction or guidance

the directional role that profits play under capitalism

b. : suitable or contributory to the direction of dramatic performance

good plays and even good directional ideas frequently take on a distressingly ragged aspect in performance — H.E.Clurman

c. of an oil-well drilling : made at an angle with the vertical

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