Meaning of DISPLACEMENT in English

I. -mənt noun


a. : the act or process of displacing or the state of being displaced

sideward displacement of the foundation of a house by earth pressure

the final displacement of an ancient and unjust law

the uneven displacement of population and consequent disorganization of tribal village life — Tom Marvel

: deposition

the ultimate displacement of the autocratic ruler

: dislocation

the displacement of a knee joint

b. : percolation 1d

2. : the quantity in which or the degree to which something is displaced: as

a. : the volume or weight of a fluid (as water) displaced by a floating body (as a ship) of equal weight

b. : the difference between the initial position of a geologic body and its later position along a geologic fault

c. : the distance from a neutral or equilibrium point to any specified point of a path in vibratory motion

d. : piston displacement


a. : the electric intensity in a dielectric medium under electric influence multiplied by the dielectric constant of the medium

b. : the product of this multiplication divided by 4π

4. : a vector drawn from an initial position of a material particle to any subsequent position


a. : redirection of an emotion or impulse from its original object (as an idea or person) to something that is more acceptable

b. : sublimation 1b

II. noun

or displacement activity or displacement behavior

: the substitution of another form of behavior for what is usual or expected especially when the usual response is nonadaptive

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