Meaning of DRILLING in English

I. drilling ˈdriliŋ, -lēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of drill (IV)

: material removed by a drill in making a hole — usually used in plural

brushed aside the drillings from about the hole

II. dril·ling noun

( -s )

Etymology: by folk etymology from German drillich, from Middle High German drilich fabric woven with a threefold thread, from drilich threefold, from Old High German drilīh made up of three threads, by folk etymology (influence of Old High German dri- — akin to Old High German drī three — & Old High German -līh -ly) from Latin trilic-, trilix, from tri- + -lic-, -lix (from licium thread); perhaps akin to Latin liquis oblique — more at oblique , three , -ly (adjective suffix)

: drill IX

III. drill·ing adjective

Etymology: from present participle of drill (IV)

1. : appearing to see far into : piercing

sharp drilling eyes — Olive H. Prouty

2. : deeply penetrative : biting

drilling sarcasm about money — Marcia Davenport

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