Meaning of FINISHED in English



1. : brought to conclusion : ended , completed

typing the finished letters on company letterheads — J.R.Gregg

gave me the finished manuscript to read


a. : ready for packing, shipment, or sale — used of materials or goods

b. : processed

storage facilities for both raw and finished water — U.S. Geology Survey List

c. of an animal : fattened especially for the market

d. : in a hopeless condition : defeated, wounded, or ailing beyond hope of recovery : done for : doomed

about that time I was feeling very feeble and finished — O.W.Holmes †1935

so the press telegrapher was finished , or practically so — C.B.Davis

a lot of wishful thinkers assume that the enemy is finished

their class, the upper middle, was finished politically and economically — Mary McCarthy

2. : possessed of, brought to, or displaying the highest degree of skill, polish, or excellence : marked by the highest quality : consummate , perfected

written with the finished workmanship which always delights us — Edward Sackville-West

the texture of his writing is even and finished — Times Literary Supplement

a group of gentle, highly finished , memorable stories — Paul Pickrel

a glitteringly finished troupe from the start — Wilder Hobson

he's the most finished blackmailer in America — Donn Byrne

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.