Meaning of FREEZER in English


ˈfrēzə(r) noun

( -s )

1. : one that freezes or keeps very cold:

a. : a hand-operated machine that freezes ice cream

b. : an operator of an ice-cream freezing machine

c. : a railroad refrigerator car


(1) : an insulated compartment or room equipped to freeze perishable foods rapidly at a temperature of -10° to -30° F to prepare them for storage in a locker at subfreezing temperature

(2) : a cabinet equipped with both a quick-freezing unit and a storage locker or a single compartment for both quick-freezing and storage especially for the use of one family — called also home freezer

(3) : a refrigerated room

e. : a food processor who operates a food-freezing plant

2. Australia : a sheep bred and raised for export as frozen meat

3. : a tool used in metalcraft for retouching castings

4. slang : prison , jail

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