Meaning of FRENCH in English


I. ˈfrench adjective

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Middle English french, frensh, from Old English frencisc, from Franca Frank + -isc -ish


a. : of or belonging to the people, the culture, or the civilization of France

the French nation

the French army

the French countryside

b. : befitting, derived from, or suggesting the people or the culture of France

French cooking

French attitudes

: made in France or copied from articles designed in or associated with France

a French hat

a French fabric

: settled by the French

a French section of the territory

or made up of French people

a French group

2. : of, belonging to, or in French

a French lesson

a French book

3. : of or belonging to the overseas descendants of the French people (as the French Canadians)

• french·ly adverb , usually capitalized

• french·ness noun -es usually capitalized

II. noun

Usage: capitalized

Etymology: Middle English french, frensh, from Old English frencisc, from frencisc, adjective

1. -es : a Romance language that developed out of the Vulgar Latin of all of Transalpine Gaul except the southern part and that is the vehicle of an important literature at first in a wide variety of dialects with the earliest texts dating from the 9th century and that became in a form based on the Francien dialect the literary and official language of France — see anglo-french , middle french , old french , old north french ; compare provençal

2. plural in construction : the French people

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Usage: often capitalized

Etymology: french (I)

transitive verb

1. : to make French in form

2. : to prepare in a French manner: as

a. : to cut (snap beans) in strips lengthwise before cooking

b. : to cut off the strip of meat along the bone of (a rib chop)

c. : to cut (a tenderloin) into slices and pound the slices flat before cooking

3. slang : to engage (someone) in cunnilingus or fellatio

intransitive verb

: to undergo frenching

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