Meaning of FULSOME in English


ˈfu̇lsəm also -lts- adjective

Etymology: Middle English fulsom, from ful, full full + -som -some — more at full (adjective)


a. : copious , abundant

b. obsolete : plump , fat

2. obsolete : lustful , wanton


a. : offensive to sense or appetite : nauseating, sickening

fulsome richness of the food

b. : offensive to moral or aesthetic sensibility : repulsive , disgusting

fulsome prejudices

fulsome language

c. : offensive from insincerity or baseness of motive

fulsome politeness

fulsome praise

fulsome compliments

trying not to be fulsome to make up for his coldness at the governor's party — C.S.Forester

4. : counter to the norms of propriety or social usage : displaying bad taste

the fulsome chromium glitter of the escalators — Lewis Mumford

a fulsome prose style

• ful·some·ly adverb

• ful·some·ness noun -es

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