Meaning of GAM in English

I. ˈgam noun

( -s )

Etymology: origin unknown

1. Scotland : tooth ; especially : a large or crooked tooth

2. Scotland : mouth

II. ˈgam, ˈgaa(ə)m noun

( -s )

Etymology: probably from French dialect (northern) gambe

slang : leg

those trim gams of yours — J.H.Burns

most people … think I have nice gams — Ethel Merman

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps short for obsolete gammon talk, chatter — more at gammon

1. : a visit or friendly conversation especially between whalers or other seamen at sea or ashore

the story … had been told, in gam after gam , wherever whaleships met — A.B.C.Whipple

there'd be a famous gam up and down the sandy beach — Alan Villiers

2. : a school of whales : pod

IV. verb

( gammed ; gammed ; gamming ; gams )

intransitive verb

: to engage in a gam

whalers gammed in midocean on a hot tropical day — A.B.C.Whipple

transitive verb

1. : to have a gam with : visit with

I decided to gam some friends of mine — H.A.Chippendale

2. : to pass in conversation : while

congregate … to gam the hours away — H.A.Chippendale

V. abbreviation


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