Meaning of GEOMETRIC in English


I. |jēə|me.trik, -rēk adjective

or ge·o·met·ri·cal -rə̇kəl, -rēk-

Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French geometrique, from Latin geometricus, from Greek geōmetrikos, from geōmetrēs + -ikos -ic, -ical


a. : of, relating to, or according to the methods or principles of geometry : determined by geometry

the geometric solution of a problem

b. : increasing in a geometric progression

geometric population growth

2. usually capitalized : of or relating to a style of Greek pottery made from the 10th century to about 700 B.C. and characterized by geometric decorative motifs (as bands, meanders, zigzags, chevrons, lozenges, or triangles) that were applied in black on a yellowish or buff surface

3. : having or utilizing rectilinear or simple curvilinear motifs or outlines that bear little resemblance to natural forms

a buffalo hide painted with geometric designs in red and black — Alice Marriott

• ge·o·met·ri·cal·ly -rə̇k(ə)lē, -rēk-, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

: something (as a textile or rug) characterized by geometric design or decoration

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